Wish I Had More Time for Updates…

I have hundreds of photos to post on my Walking.ROUTE map and so many stories and experiences every day.  When I planned this project, I thought I’d do a quick update every night, but I find that after walking 15-25 miles, meeting with my hosts, cooking and eating dinner, washing clothes and stretching before bed… I have no time or energy for anything but sweet, delicious sleep.

I could write a line or two, but I can’t seem to summon the mental energy for even that.  Also, my hosts are always so wonderful and interesting that I end up having to tear my attention away to give myself time to get ready for bed.

Anyway, this is sort of an apology for not doing the updates I’d planned on and a thank you for watching and reading and generally supporting me in this journey.



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One Response to Wish I Had More Time for Updates…

  1. Elizabeth Miller says:

    But how could you know what it would be like before you did it?! Lol! That was the whole idea! I’m glad your days are so filled with good stuff. I love to read your blog entries, but I certainly don’t need them every day. Two or three times a week would be great, for me.

    PS. Stu Jenks, who walked with you early on, told me about you. Keep on keeping on!

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