In a Slump…

I’m sitting in bed at the Royal Rest Hotel for the second day in a row.  The pillows and covers have become hills and valleys of disarray, and there is an open bag of Fritos, a half-empty can of jalapeno dip and some M&Ms on the nightstand. Truth in advertising: this was the right place to stop and stay an extra day. Clearly, I was in need of some royal rest…

Not because my feet hurt, although they do. Not because I needed a little break from socializing, which I did. Not because this is day 113 of this project. Not because twelve things went wrong in the last few weeks, or because I have an insurmountably long to-do-list, or because there is a gallery opening for Walking Home in 3 weeks and I need to make sure the technology works, or because I’m behind on my mortgage and have only just found a replacement renter, or because I’ve been worrying about a sick family member, or because I walked for 5 weeks in over 100 degree heat, or because, because, because…

I am not sick. I am not tired. I’ve been eating just fine. Everyone has been so kind to me. The weather has improved vastly, a perfect 80 degrees with a light wind.  My hosts last week, Sharon & Dick and Jeanann & Bill, went out of their way to make comfortable and eased my journey by letting me stay extra days and leave my heavy stuff at their houses while I walked.  And I love this project. I love it. I love being outdoors everyday and meeting nice people and eating great food with them and sharing recipes and petting their dog and meeting their friends and touring their town…

I simply feel blah…

That’s all. Just a slump. A blah for no specific reason or, perhaps, for an accumulation of a lot of reasons.

So last night when I told my mom that I felt off and wasn’t up for dealing with the 101 things I should be working on, she said, “Take another day off.”

Moms are sooo smart. Thanks mom. Love you. And thank you Frito Lay!


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4 Responses to In a Slump…

  1. Mr.Bill says:

    Laura! … Nothing wrong with a break and we all get the Blaaa’s. Your doing a cool thing and it ain’t easy on Walkabout (smile) … Jen and myself been thinking bout ya hoping all is well for ya. Keep on Truckin’ Baby! (BIG SMILE).

    • Laura says:

      Thanks so much for the vote of support!
      Doing fine, I’ve made 1600 miles so far… hard to believe it myself sometimes. :)

  2. Jon says:

    You can do it!

    see ya at Art Prize :-)

    Jon , from GR.

  3. Elizabeth Miller says:

    You’ve got it coming! What a smart Mom :-). Everything will come together, in time, as needed. Have some Cheetos for me!

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