The Collaborators

Enrique Vázquez WoolfolkEnrique Vázquez Woolfolk


Born and raised in the dry lands of Hermosillo, Sonora. He studied Industrial Design in Tec de Monterrey and has freelanced professionally since 2004. He has worked for advertising agencies, and most recently at Tec de Monterrey doing design for the Promotion Department.
He has been the Image Director for TOCTOC since it began in 2009.
Enrique loves all things analog and vintagen, he has a special obsession with polaroids. He likes simple things and has a passion for making things work.

Andrew BrownAndrew Brown


Andrew Brown is a video and photo journalist based in Tucson Arizona. In 2004 Andrew graduated with a Bachelors degree from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. Since then he has been working as a professional videographer and editor for KOLD News 13 in Tucson Arizona. Here he has had the opportunity to extensively cover the U.S. Mexico border, Arizona’s controversial immigration bill SB 1070, and the recent Gabrielle Giffords shooting. In that time he has been nominated for four Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards and won two Edward R. Murrow Awards for his videograhpy. Outside of his professional work he is a very active still photographer seeking to capture his unique view of day to day life in Tucson.

Daniel BuckleyDaniel Buckley


Daniel Buckley is a recovering scientist turned composer/writer/performance artist/producer/documentary maker/video editor. A former arts critic and columnist for the Tucson Citizen, Buckley started and led the newspaper’s multimedia division from 2001 until the Citizen was closed in 2009. In 2010 he started the Cine Plaza documentary series to celebrate the revered Tucson Spanish language theatre, and the barrios (neighborhoods) it served. The series will continue in June of 2011 with three more short installments. Buckley is also in development of a film series to mark the centennial anniversary of the state of Arizona in 2012, titled “100 Degrees of Arizona.”

Danny Martin Danny Martin


Danny Martin was born and raised in Chilton County, Alabama, just south of Birmingham. He recieved his B.F.A. from the University of Montevallo and his M.F.A. from the University of Arizona. When not producing artwork, he listens to a lot of classic rock, because there aren’t a lot of choices when you grow up in Alabama…and drive a car that has a radio with no tape deck or cd player…and there are only classic rock or 90s-up era country stations. He feels that the choice between Thin Lizzy and Toby Keith is not an overly difficult one.

Jamaica Cole Jamaica Cole


Jamaica Cole has been sewing since age 8. Her clothing line Sapphire Cordial was founded in 2006, and she is currently opening a handmade boutique in Tucson, Az. She loves coffee and inside jokes.

Megan Cox Megan Cox


Born and raised in the dusty, border town of Tucson, Megan moved to New York City in 2001. Before graduating with a degree in Cultural Anthropology, she discovered a passion for supporting underserved communities. She applied this throughout her grassroots volunteerism in China, Mexico, and the US. Since returning to Tucson, Megan has joined as co-artistic director of Tucson-based collective Parasol Project, where produces and performs in artistic events aimed at drawing communities together while challenging both the real and perceived borders which can divide them. Megan is also a doula, helping women give birth, and is on her way to becoming a midwife.

She loves to play old blues covers on the uke to her dogs whenever possible.

Johnny Miles


Johnny Miles favorite food is veggie Benedict and his favorite album is Unknown Pleasures. He lives in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, right across from that polish deli with all the grammatical errors on the sign, where it says ‘Mitch’s and Janina Deli’ instead of ‘Mitch and Janina’s Deli’ which is a pretty flagrant oversight, if you ask him. He is a Capricorn.

Kaytee Papusza


Kaytee Papusza is a 28 year old New York based artist, clothing designer and couturier. Her line, Papusza Couture (, has been featured in numerous publications, including the Style Section of the New York Times, The New York Post, Time Life, Paper Magazine (Russia), Sang Bleu Journal (France), and Streetwear Today (Germany). Kaytee was the featured artist during the Scope International Art Fair Night Event, Miami 2010, and she held the centerfold in the 2010 Scope Catalogue. She has shown collections as part of New York Fashion Week and was the opening designer for the 2010 IMTA Alexander McQueen Tribute Show. In addition to receiving notoriety for her frequently produced prolific collections of wearable art, Kaytee is well known for her unique dye techniques, conjoined twin couture, and use of unconventional materials, such as taxidermy and bones. Currently, Kaytee is working on her collection Paramicha, dresses made of tarot cards, and a line of wearable stories with young adult author Francesca Lia Block.

Emilie Marchand


Emilie Marchand is co-owner of Preen, a vintage clothing boutique/ alterations studio, in Tucson, AZ. She enjoys making garments that merge the past with the present and the future. She sings while she sews.

Rae Strozzo

“it’s she but the s is silent”
TC Tolbert, Territories of Folding

My work comes from a very personal place. It is about growing up a southern girl and becoming a man in the west. My transgendered life doesn’t just revolve around issues of gender identity and body, but of family, connection, and truth. The paintings, drawings and photographs touch on all of these and wrestle with the notions of attachment and disconnect, revealing and privacy, hope and regret.

Rae Strozzo is a transgendered artist and writer. He received his B.A. in and philosophy from Georgia Southern University in 1997. He graduated with an M.F.A in photography from the University of Arizona in May 2008. He is currently an adjunct instructor of photography at Pima Community College and a freelance graphic designer.

Sarah Jane Litscher

Native of and recently returned to Grand Rapids, MI.  On Team Laura from it’s inception, i.e. mother for 40 years. Editor-in-chief of the “Mom report.”  BA from Eastern Michigan U., post-graduate from Western Mchigan U.   Passionate about being instrumental in improving human relations, conserving and preserving our beautiful world, and in the fine arts. Worked for 23 years with challenged adults in a rehab setting. Have enjoyed working in civic theatre, community and church choirs, writing poetry, traveling, tutoring children, and volunteering in general.