The Project

WALKING HOME: stories from the desert to the Great Lakes
May 1st – mid September

This May, I am walking home.
It is 2,000 miles from my house in Tucson, Arizona to my mom’s house in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I plan to walk the entire distance, inviting people to walk with me and share a story as I make my way across the country. Each night I will stay in someone’s home and cook dinner and breakfast for them, in exchange for their hospitality.

The project will be broadcast live 24hrs/day on Walking.HOME where you can watch it live or check out the edited version in the form of a weekly, online TV show. The basic set up is a webcam attached to a laptop computer, plugged into an external battery stored in my solar powered backpack. The webcam will be attached to my head at eye level, so if I look at the person walking next to me, you will be looking at that person. There will also be an interactive map, photos of the journey with my storytellers, and a nightly BLOG.

My artwork is about community and connections. I believe that safety comes from trust, community and collaboration. I hope to use social networking, both online and traditional, to safely cross the country.

In this project, I am offering to listen with an open heart. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s story is important.

Please join me on this journey.

Kickstarter fundraising is over. If you would like to contribute to this project please make a donation via Paypal.